Saturday, January 28, 2012

My wish list for the next iPhone

There's some rumors on the net about what the iPhone 5 would be like.

- bigger screen (5")
- quad-core A6 processor
- 4G and LTE network support

Now, let me give a single 3GS model user's point of view of what I'd like to have.

The bigger screen sounds good. Since buying the iPhone my phone usage has transformed. It's mainly my Twitter machine, then email, then SMS, then phone. Really - using it as a phone is ... well ... getting less important all the time. But of course the phone functionality must be there, and be there flawless. But I'm not keen on the network specifics, as long as they work.

One *definite* killer version would be this:

- free Twitter roaming around the world

The way I realize I'm "back home" again after a travel is that I can tweet naturally. Whenever. Using 3G. This I cannot do on trips and... it's weird. This and the inability to use Google maps (unless I've been smart to preload the particular maps before the trip) is what bugs me the most. Don't bother with 4G/LTE unless there would be a decent global data roaming (hey - I'm fine with 64k speeds abroad!) that would not cost incredibly.

Doing this would make it feel like a world phone (ehem - I mean tweet unit).

Quad core. Nah. Details. Three would be fine but if four is easier to do, whatever. :)

One more thing.

Hopefully, the enclosure changes. Either to full aluminum (no you wouldn't do that, it's already passé and it scratches easily and feels cold in freezing temperatures). Go with carbon fibre, or any composite!

Be it "thermal plastics" or "nanocellulose", figure out the light and sturdy construction that will make us go "ooooooh" in awe. Do it One More Time.

Carbon covers simply look brilliant, they feel sturdy and nice, and they have somehow a "natural" feel to them. Go Green, Apple!

FastCoExist: Apple patent foresees sexy, bullet-proof iPhone

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