Saturday, October 20, 2012

Replicator service for spare parts, anyone? (mail order, reasonable price, scanning included)

I broke a small part of a classic table lamp recently, and am now considering the options of how to fix the damage.

Glue will probably not be strong enough. Wood will take time and not be 1:1 with the original.

Are there any 3d-printing shops available (within Finland, EU or globally) which would also offer the necessary scanning for actual replication of existing parts?

Ideally, they would extend the missing part, and give me perfect holder piece that lasts the next 40 years.

We thought this was science fiction. Star Trek has it. But the technology is there, and the business model is simple. I'm sure there's someone already out doing this - please find me. I'm your customer! :)

Contact either by comment here, email to akauppi(at) or twitter @bmdesignhki.


Got the parts done, in bright Xmas Red. Lamp says Thank you, Robin B!

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