Monday, October 17, 2011

Microsoft not-so pearls

Microsoft has always sucked in translations.

They localize things they should not (s.a. the Windows\Desktop folder name - *in* the file system) and they have a track record of making translations so awkward one can actually use the English version easier than the 'native'.

Generally, I'm fine with Windows 7 (in Finnish). It's actually cool.

Unless you come to these dialog boxes, with authentication:

"Valinnainan" in the title is a typo (correct form is "Valinnainen"). This is sadly hilarious, because it makes the whole dialog look like a poor-mans trojan software, with bad Finnish. But this is authentic. Sigh.

Maybe there comes a time when pirated software has better localization than Redmond-based. Wouldn't be hard. :!

Nothing wrong with this.


We're running *Finnish* localized Windows, and this is the best guess for where I might be? *sigh^2*

This dialog is what one sees when *calling* an automated robot lady at Microsoft, to get magic numbers that make the Windows behave like it's genuine (which it is). I hope I never need to do that again.

Finally, hey we're there!  Activated Genuine Windows 7. Cool. :)

The reason for all this was that I use Windows 7 Home Premium via Bootcamp, but also under VMWare (from the Bootcamp partition). A usage case that works, but confuses every authenticity scheme I know of (well, Windows and Autodesk, but that's enough).

Somehow I have the feeling that using a pirated Windows 7 might let me through with *less* typos, *less* phone calls and ... never mind.

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