Saturday, July 2, 2011

What happened to the West (too much security blocking our spirit)?

I noticed this advertisement in Bloomberg Businessweek today:

Reminds us of this iconic picture of construction of the Empire State Building:

Now - what happened. Work security happened. Less workers needed happened. But... did also stagnation happen?

Is it because of the safety equipment, both seen and unseen that the current western societies have lost their agility and - partly - their innovation.

Then there's a third picture playing with this theme on the internet:

Since human life is so precious (it costs companies to lose lives, otherwise they might not bother more than before) should test dummies build the skyscrapers?

I'll leave it here. Don't have answers but I think the one-man-in-harness is a lousy picture for an add. To me, it underlines inefficiencies and structural limitations. How on Earth is the guy supposed to move up there! The harness will kill him!

Maybe that is exactly what is happening for us in the West (Greece, USA, UK, Finland). Harness limiting and killing us. Slowly but steadily.

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