Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is my future tablet (as in 2012-13) like?

I've bought two electronic books (Making Things Happen and Beautiful Visualizations) that simply won't get read without a tablet. (the woooorst excuse for new gadget, ever?)

Anyways, while I've been keeping a curious eye on the HP Touchpad, I'm beginning to doubt I'll actually buy one. The resolution is still the same as in iPad and the #1 sales argument for me would be 'paper crisp' readability. I do want color, also, so Kindle is out.

SO, here are the specs for making a tablet - just for my taste and need.

- paper crisp, FUN readability of electronic books and/or magazines
- ability to 3G-roam via my iPhone (I don't want another SIM card in the tablet)
- Great presentation skills ~ ability to run Keynote presentations on the tablet, to an HDMI (or similar) adapter (-> video screen)
- price around 399..499 eur

This should serve mainly as a reminder, in case I feel tempted to still get the HP touchpad. I shouldn't. Come 2012, there'll be an iPad matching these specs. Until then, back to my paperback. :)

Some links to what other people expect:

To me, storage is not an issue. Anything goes, and the OS should use cloud integration to essentially provide you with "unlimited" storage. Treat the local (flash) storage as a cache of sorts. (seems the article actually agrees with this)

Addendum II:
Viewing the Windows 8 video on Youtube made me think of adding "16:9 aspect ratio" to the list. It would not hurt, but I doubt iPads will be changing their aspect ratio anytime (soon/ever). And maybe for reading books that would actually be sub-optimal as well.

Btw, the usability of Win8 on tablets seems to be Right There. I'd be fine without the whole traditional desktop layer. Windows without Windows, eh? :)

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