Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What cars should already be (core77 design site)

A friend of mine (a great designer, by the way!) showed me to this web site.

They have a nice studying article about what should happen to the cars in the next 40 years. Or -actually- what should have happened to them in the *last* 40 years.

I'll be a lazy jerk and just copy-paste some of the good parts (which are many):

It dawned on us: today's car industry is brainwashed by its own car culture, with its obsession for speed, styling and fantasy. The car business has become one of repackaging, steering people's focus towards style and a narrow definition of performance, not on our true needs.

the desire not to drive. Sure, everyone wanted to get from A to B, but they'd just rather be doing something else while en route: talking to friends, sleeping, or, as our French intern Laure suggested: "I want to enjoy the view with a nice wine, some cheese and a baguette."

Driving is like putting your life on hold.

we have subscribed to a false sense of freedom, the freedom to waste countless hours strapped behind the wheel.

Our conclusion? Humans are not meant to drive, nor should they have to.

...and so on...

Personally, I would love to have a car of their design. But I am realistic it will really take the 40 years - maybe 50 - to get there. Like the Moon is seen as a middle stop to getting us to Mars, I am seeing PRT as a middle stop to getting us to full automated traffic.

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