Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is AtraWiki alive?

I came about ATRA Wiki and wanted to get an account to be able to participate. The site seems clean and maintained, which is good for a Wiki.

However, this may be exactly because people cannot participate. The 'log in / register' link used to give an invalid email id to contact (for an account). Now it just leads here.

Does anyone know the story behind this? I think they should rather close a wiki if people are not able to also edit it.


Bob said...

ATRA wiki and share logins. Register and login on to edit the ATRA wiki.

essays uk said...

and why not simply use the standard WIKI?? What is so osoboennogo this ATRA?

Anonymous said...


The feeling I've gotten from ATRA is they aren't very Advanced themselves. This is not a reason to mock them - they have a track record before the Internet era.

But where they have indeed failed is actually making the "advanced transit" happen. It never did, on their watch.This is just a statement, no hard feelings. I hope we'll be able to make these come true this time. But I fail to see any reasonable role for ATRA in it.